October 20th, 2009, 12:56 pm


End of Chapter 8!!


Chapter 8 is finished! And next is chapter 9 (Okay, I know that's no surprise) This manga is like driving a stick shift: it's always changing gears. And after taking a look at chapter 9, I realized that maybe I should really do something about chapters one and two. And some parts of three. So I'm going to be redrawing some of the panels. This will be a slow process, so the changes won't be coming too soon, but gradually, I'll be redrawing them. If you have anything to say concerning if this is a good idea or not, you can leave your comments. But I'm bent on redoing most of the panels in the first two chapters. The speech bubbles and page layouts won't change, just most of the artwork.

And chapter 9 will be out next week!